Caraba lamp

280 €

Hooked to all the blue shades of this lamp, reminds us the Mediterranean. Cécile Carré, designer of the lamp, one of the MisMas Studio founder, comments:

"Created during this diffused and slow time of 2020 and achieved with the help of potters from la Bisbal d’Empordà, in Costa Brava, we have produced a small series of comforting and kind lamps. To reconnect with the harmonious rural tradition and our childhood memories.

Thanks to these potters we have been able to bring back colors we found on forgotten plates full of dust. Nature which we have missed so very much has been our inspiration for the shape of ripe fruit full of sun and flavors.

Mixed in with contemporary designs it’s a comforting and caring detail.

This lamp is called CARABA like the Prince of Caraba from my childhood story, and also inspired by “calebasses” (calabash) a citrouille pumpkin that has this shape and that is also often used as a recipient."

DESIGN by Mis-Mas Interiorismo

Made in Catalonia by local artisans

16 cm Ø x 19 cm height.
800 gr approx.

Delivered with a LED bulb, a cotton mat off-white electrical cabling of 3,15 meters with an European plug. 

* Please note that as handmade pieces they all have imperfections and vary among them. You will not receive an exact replica as in the photo shown; each piece is unique.