Pitança black bowl

26 €

Josep's family have been potters for 5 generations. The day we met him he was sitting with his father and mother around a lathe in the workshop the three of them chatting. Josep knows everything about pottery, enamels... he is a master.

Look at the last picture, his father now retired from 70 years as a potter :-)

A traditional bowl that Catalan farmers used to eat when they were in the fields. With conical shape, very easy to hold with one hand and eat with the other.

We have updated the design by sharpening the rounded angles as well as moving it away from the traditional yellow and green colours.

CERAMIST: Josep Papaseit
REDESIGN of a traditional piece by Behomm

Made in Catalonia

16 cm Ø x 6,5 cm height
350 gr approx. 

The non-glazed area on the outside cannot be in contact with bright coloured liquids or food, as it will stain.

Important: Store in an airy and dry place but not in an enclosed space (cabinet, drawer, etc.).

Dishwasher: Allowed

Microwave: Maybe. As this is an artisanal piece, before using the microwave we recommend you try first with a very brief exposure on low heat to check how it holds up.

* Please note that as handmade pieces they all have imperfections and vary among them. You will not receive an exact replica as in the photo shown; each piece is unique.