Our Commitments

1. To the Planet

These are our sustainability measures:

No plastic in our products

Our products do not contain any plastic except for the soles of the espadrilles and some electrical pieces of a lamp. To environmentally compensate it, we offset twice the amount of plastic we use with nonprofit Plastic For Change.

They support marginalized waste pickers from Bengaluru in India who collect plastic for recycling and get a fair income, health assistance and the recognition they deserve. We have chosen a nonprofit who supports people living not in the first developed world, since the rich countries are creating the main emissions and the impoverished countries are who will suffer the worst consequences of the climate crisis. 

Km 0 products

Most of our products are made in Catalonia where we live.


Our packaging does not contain any plastic. It's been challenging. For instance it was difficult to find a substitute for plastic bubble wrap to protect our fragile products for shipping... we got it. 

For our packaging we use:
- Compostable envelopes
- Paper tape to close cardboard boxes
- Paper envelopes sticked to the cardboard box for documentation to go through customs.
- Fiber strap (not plastic), in case they are needed to secure the closure of a cardboard box.
- No plastic bubble wrap. Instead we use a paper wrap for fragile items.
- We try to make our packages as adjusted to the products as possible to reduce the volumen.
- The cardboard boxes we use are made of 70-80% recycled paper. They are sourced from south of Spain and France. We are currently looking for a local company that also uses biodegradable glue.
- We use black Km0 paper, but we are in the process of looking for another source that can make the same product without using toxic dyes.
- The string we use for wrapping our products is from France and uses chemicals. We haven't found yet a km0 source and with the GOTS certified.

- The fabric we use for wrapping our products is Km0 and certified by GOTS (does not contain chemicals) and also has the original cotton color avoiding to water it over and over to make it bright white (saving in water). We encourage you to recycle our packaging materials as this fabric... we love the idea that this delicate fabric is going to be used by a chain of people to show their love in their presents...

Carbon neutral orders

We offer our buyers at checkout the option to compensate the environmental impact of their shipping order by clicking and paying the amount shown by a third company called EcoCart. According to their words, they calculate your order emissions impact by: 

“Our algorithm uses the unique characteristics of each order, including product type, shipping distance, and item weight to estimate the shipping emissions created by that order. Shipping distance is calculated by our algorithm looking at IP address of the buyer as a proxy for location (anonymized to ~25 mile radius). This method involves less sensitive data than pulling the exact shipping address.

EcoCart gives Behomm Shop the option to choose which exact project between different certified projects our buyers will support. We have also picked a project located in an impoverished country since as mentioned they are who will suffer the worst climate consequences. We also wanted a project to support women. We got it. If you choose to make your order carbon neutral, you will be supporting rural families in Myanmar buying them fuel efficient cookstoves, avoiding forest deforestation and improving their health. A project by reputed nonprofit Gold Standard.

More information about Myanmar project here

More information about EcoCart here


We ask them to not use plastic to wrap or deliver their products.


- Our office uses a clean electric company.
- All our team arrives to and from work by foot or using public transport.
- Drinking water is provided by a company that reuse the bottles avoiding plastic waste.
- We only use recycled paper. 


Could we do it better? For sure. We are doing our best, but we will keep on improving. 

2. To artisans

Not bargain for discounts.

- Pay them instantly.

- Respect their work rhythm and do not rush them.

- Let them clearly know the great value of their work for keeping their knowledge and culture alive.

3. To our team

We are a team of six people. Five women and one man, between Behomm Community and Behomm Shop.

- They all have fixed and indefinite (permanent) contracts.

- We offer them flexibility in their working hours.

- They can choose to work remotely at home if they wish to, twice a week. 

- Above all, we want our team to be happy at work, not only based on their salary, but with a trustful, kind and respectful treat as well as recognition.

- Our main commitment to them is to buy confetti regularly and celebrate together all that can be celebrated and more! :-)