We are Eva Calduch and Agustí Juste, graphic designers with studio in Barcelona and also founders of Behomm, a home exchange community for creatives and design lovers.

We started the Behomm Shop because of the pandemic. Travel suddenly stopped worldwide. We had the great challenge to maintain the Behomm Community which we have built with so much effort and love as well as our loyal team. And so, our shop was born.

The Behomm Shop is a tribute to all craftwomen, our culture and our ancestors.

The main ideas behind our shop are:

Support local artisans

Artisans' work is a treasure within our and any culture. All our products are handmade. For us, this is the height of luxury: each piece is unique with its imperfections. 

Most of our products are made by artisans from Catalonia, where we live, or close by, some of whom have been artisans for many generations. We feel very happy to give them support. 

No animal products

At home we are vegan, and the Behomm Shop could be no other way. Our products do not contain any material that comes from an animal.

Support those in need

When we purchase products that are not from artisans close to where we are based, we mainly choose Fair Trade projects to support indigenous communities in need. 

Very slow e-shop

Artisans take life slowly, we don’t like to rush either. We want to enjoy this path. Our products are carefully wrapped by us, one by one with love. Please don’t expect to receive your order in 24h. It may take 10-15 days. During vacations like Christmas, Easter and august we may close. 

Old and new

We love this contrast. Many of our products are traditional designs with a contemporary twist


Thanks for visiting our shop. Hope you like it :-)