Hidamari cup (set of 5)

65 € 148 €

We are in love with Japan, its aesthetics, subtlety… We have Japanese members in our family and we were lucky to be able to visit the country on a couple of occasions. We wanted a Japanese product in our shop.

Delicate cups with a very attractive shape and designed to be “hugged” with your hands and feel the warmth of tea, coffee… 

We asked our Japanese relative how we could name these cups. She picked the Japanese word “Hidamari” and explained the meaning: “Soft light and warmness that subtly illuminates a place, it gives me the impression that mentally it calms and appeases the spirit”.

Made in Japan by local artisans

8 cm Ø x 8 cm height
140 gr per cup (700 gr total)

Dishwasher: Not allowed

Microwave: Allowed. Be sure to use it with food in it.

It is not heat-resistant clay, so please use it to warm only. Pottery may crack due to quick heating or cooling.

Especially after heating, do not immerse it in water, place it on or near cold metal, nor submit it to a sudden temperature change.

Depending on the shape of the container and the type and amount of food to be warmed, the temperature may rise unexpectedly.

Although the bottom is polished, do not drag it on a table or other fragile object. This may scratch it.

* Please note that as handmade pieces they all have imperfections and vary among them. You will not receive an exact replica as in the photo shown; each piece is unique.