Pepet pitcher

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The first reference of the Behomm Shop for its symbolism. It is the most sustainable product of all as it cools water without electricity and it speaks of our land, of our tradition... so we do not forget where we come from and where we need to return… to take care of our planet.

We named it Pepet”, a traditional Catalan grandfather name in homage to our ancestors.

The pitcher is deeply rooted in the Iberian rural culture. The farmer when working in the fields always took the pitcher with him because the pottery kept the water cool when out in the burning sun.

It should be placed in the sun as it must “sweat” and the evaporation of this external water will cool the internal one. It is glazed only at the top for this purpose.

There are many shapes depending on the use. This is the reaper’s pitcher, thin and tall, because they were tied around the waist while cutting the wheat.

One drinks directly from the pitcher, without a glass and without sucking. Have fun! Watch the video of Agust, founder of Behomm, showing how to do it :-)

CERAMIST: Josep Papaseit
REDESIGN of a traditional piece by Josep Papaseit and Behomm

Made in Catalonia

12 cm Ø x 31 cm height
850 gr approx. 

Add water only or a liquid with no colour. If you add wine or any other coloured liquid inside it will stain the clay outside.

The pitcher sweats when filled with water. This is normal.

Important: Do not store it in an enclosed space (cabinet, drawer...). Store in an airy and dry place.

Dishwasher and Microwave: Not allowed.

* Please note that as handmade pieces they all have imperfections and vary among them. You will not receive an exact replica as in the photo shown; each piece is unique.