Rava black squares bag

68 €

There are projects where you can feel the heart of those who are running them neat and bright. This is the case with Khetu Kamba, an NGO created by Sara García Betorz, an environmentalist from Barcelona.

She worked in Mozambique for 3 years. There, she discovered in the south of the country women making baskets and started ordering a few to bring them back to Barcelona and sell to support the community.

She ended up creating the non governmental organization Khetu Kamba.

She is moved by a passion for crafts and a daily commitment to support and empower the artisan communities to preserve their cultural heritage and their access to decent work.

Now there are more than 30 artisans working on this project, mainly women. Sara keeps her job as an environmentalist and at the same time runs Khetu Kamba. Bravo Sara!

Mozambique bag weaved by ancient techniques and traditionally used for planting and gathering vegetables, exchanging vegetables and legumes when there was still no currency and for clam harvesting on the beach.

Thrilled with all the products this Mozambican community weave. True jewels.

BASKET MAKER: local community 

Made in Linga-Linga, at the south province of Inhambane in Mozambique

Palm leaves

Without the handles: 47 cm length x 37 cm height x 2 cm width approx.

300 gr approx. 

It can get wet with rain and sea water, we recommend drying in the shade. Cleaning with a damp cotton cloth. If it loses volume, it can be gently moistened and shaped.

Store in an airy and dry place but not in an enclosed space (closet, etc.)

* Please note that as handmade pieces they all have imperfections and vary among them. You will not receive an exact replica as in the photo shown; each piece is unique.