Vicentetes espadrilles

144 €
144 €

Espadrilles were the usual Catalan countryside shoes going back to the 14th century at least.

Excited to have redesigned for the first time this kind of shoes we love so much. We have updated them by creating this V that stylizes the foot. Tradition and contemporaneity.

In winter we like to wear them with socks... they make us feel in a good mood. It's funny that we've discovered that Dalí also wore them with socks. Look at the picture.

We named them “Vicentetes”, a traditional Catalan grandmother name in homage to all our women ancestors. 

REDESIGN of a traditional piece by Behomm

Made in Catalonia by local artisans

Sold with no socks.

If you are in between numbers, get the smallest. The first time you wear them the shoes will seem quite very tight, but as they continue to be used, the cotton gets bigger and the shoe size should come to suit your feet perfectly.

Cotton, yute and plastic* for the sole.

* We offset the plastic with nonprofit Plastic for Change. They support marginalized waste pickers from Bengaluru in India who collect plastic for recycling and get a fair income, health assistance and the recognition they deserve

3,5 cm height
650-800 gr

Very important: Do not wet or expose the yute to water (OK for the plastic sole). Store in an airy and dry place but not in an enclosed space (closet, drawer, etc.) to avoid any mold or musty scent.

Cotton fabric areas can be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can iron the laces.

This is not a toy (caution with kids because of the long laces potentially causing strangling).